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I used to advertise on Oodle regularly. In the last few months, my ads kept getting flagged. There was nothing wrong with my posts, but they were removed every time. Then I could no longer post, as though I was violating some policy. There is no way to contest this and no way to reach anyone. The worst part is that the ads that are running, that stay week after week, are scams. Not only is it obvious, but just to prove it to myself, I picked one... Read more

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I replied to a ad on a tea cup yorkie female in howard she stop texing when i asked why price was 300 tea cups are 700 and up and i wud like to drive down get her she/ he stop texing my daughtet texd her today 25th stating she has both so i tex told them im reporting you she told me they sold hmmmm but you just told my daughter they was availble they want ppl to send money they dont send dog sorry thatva crime Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 09
  • #951842

Violating explanation what to fix. Can't contact oodle get no response. Also alot of fraud adds that never get taken down and are violating a lot of their policies. Looks like to me they are run by fraud

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Oodle Advertisement Review from Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
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Do not buy from 254-307-0553! Its all a scam!!! Been looking for a french bulldog puppy. They had me going for 2 days. They have many different pictures and different names of dogs on all of them in many states. Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 18
  • #938952

It's a scam!!! They all say they have re located to a different state. I asked 2 people for an address to pick up a Sphynx Cat and they ignored me. ITS A SCAM!!!! DONT DO IT

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I filled out a form for an ATV Side by Side, excellent price and condition and didn't hear anything. A month later I got an email that the item was till available. I like a fool looked at the website they posted and everything looked It was a scam, but they got my email address from Oodle form. I lost several thousand dollars. Made a complaint to Oodle and no reply. NEVER USE MONEYGRAM. KICK THE TIRE FIRST THEN PAY IN PERSON. Now this site wants... Read more

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I was flagged and it said do not respond to this listing as it is a scam, if thy feel it is a scam, just take it down, i have seen plenty of scams on oodle that a monkey could pick out, what happens if u have something that someone has and thy think u are selling it to cheap thy start complaining about it to oodle and say its a scam and oodle lisens to them. this is wrong,this is hearsay thy shouldnt let other people dictate how thy run their... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 26
  • #926003

Its tooo hard to list a scam on Type in 1997 Chinook and you'll see one for $5000 from numerous cities. Relay from listing info says their military and fixing to be deployed which I checked with the unit it's false. AND is a felony to use military information erroneously. All pics are the same. Sad is the ad is posted on Craigslist throughout the US.

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 23
  • #924584

***, I was scammed out of $1900 for a UTV. Fake, elaborately designed consignment website and all. Fake reviews, invoices etc. I'm so pissed.

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I had two listings on oodle for puppies. We are a reputable breeder and keep all of our dogs as indoor family pets, give them great care, and have never had a complaint from any of our new puppy families. When I went to delete my add for a pup that had sold I noticed the other add was flagged and there was a scam warning on it as well. Not great for my business. I emailed them and have never heard back. This is the second time this has... Read more

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