I've tried posting my Pekingese puppies and everytime I post I'm flagged. No reason given so I cannot fix whatever I did wrong.

This last time I just posted pictures and a brief description, boy girl birthdate.....still flagged, WHAT????????????????? I dispute it but NEVER GET A RESPONSE. OODLE has no customer support apparently! There are many pet ads on oodle with lots of description.

What is going on. This is sooooo unfair! Oodle needs to be banned from the internet if they offer a site and don't give any customer support. This is ridiculous!

They NEVER respond to their disputes.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of oodle dogs ads. Oodle needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Oddly sucks, every time I try to post an add for my puppies it's automaticly flagged as spam and not posted. Horrible website with horrible customer service!

Oceanside, California, United States #1230347

I have the same issue. They flag my listings and never respond.

I've moved on. Their are much better sites, that actually provide customer service, and are free.

Petclassifieds.us is a great one, and I continue to advertise on AKC marketplace. Oodle is a thumbs down all the way.

Bellevue, Washington, United States #1190606

Exactly the same thing has happened to me. No response from them at all , i am deleting my account with them they totally suck.


Everything you said happened to me, too and everything you said is true. Oodle is so degrading and insulting.

I first posted this on oodle but for an unknown reason, my posting was flagged and marked as spam/scam! I was so dismayed, disappointed, as well as embarrassed by the way oodle treated me. That was so degrading and insulting on my part.

Please let this serve as a warning not to trust that site. It will ruin your credibility.


YES, that is typical of oddle for flagging and I've totally quit using them...sick of their BS! Plus, if you can't put your phone number, website address, or anything that relates to your business, what the *** good is it to post there?

A new upcoming site (BIG TIME CLASSIFIEDS) is what I'm using at http://www.bigtimeclassifieds.com which permits free 30 day ads with the total OK to post unlimited ads, accepts hyperlinks to your website, video, your contact phone number, etc.. It's a good quality, easy to use site, and really puts oodle to shame with a much better quality buyer audience.


I used Oodle for 5 years and then about 8 months ago they flagged every ad (employment) I put out there. I'm a consultant with several clients all over the world.

I sent multiple emails to their support department for months and they NEVER responded until today when they reactivated my listings... Why?

Because I emailed the CEO and complained and was getting ready to send out a newsletter to about 150k readers about their lack of service.

The CEO must have told someone to answer my support emails since it's been months and NO RESPONSE Not exactly customer friendly


Me too! Oodle SUCKS!!!


Same thing with me. They NEVER respond!!!


Same happened to me.


POS site as far as I am concerned. So done with them!

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